"But having more freedom she only became more profoundly aware of the big want. She wanted so many things. She wanted to read great, beautiful books, and be rich with them; she wanted to see beautiful things, and have the joy of them for ever; she wanted to know big, free people; and there remained always the want she could put no name to?

It was so difficult. There were so many things, so much to meet and surpass. And one never knew where one was going."
- D.H. Lawrence, The Rainbow (via wordsnquotes)

(via wordsnquotes)


His hands shake something furious,
and you don’t know how to stop them,
don’t know if they belong to a killer or a lover,
or if there’s even a difference anymore.

His shadow dances with yours
in the streetlights;
your darkness has found a kindred spirit,
but you are still trying
to take the fear from his mouth.

Demons and angels are at war inside of him,
and you swear to love every single one,
swear to love him wicked,
swear to love him holy.

He is licking prayers
he stopped believing
into your mouth;
if you thought kissing him
would save him,
you were dead wrong.

- Emily Palermo, On Loving A Monster (via starredsoul)
"You must create the character’s internal life. What do I mean by internal life? I mean the thoughts, feelings, memories, and inner decisions that may not be spoken. When we look into the eyes of actors giving fully realized performances, we can see them thinking. We’re interested in what they’re experiencing that may never be spoken, that quality of nonverbal expression – which is as much a part of the characters as breathing and as real as what they say and do. This is their internal life. It helps us believe in the characters and care about them."
- Larry Moss (via simple-lilac)

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"One of the most important things I’ve learned about acting is that you can’t separate how you live your life and how you practice your art."
- Larry Moss (via callmeactor)

(via floatingonatidalwave)